Hamas uses their own citizens as human shield, so is there a responsibility for the deaths

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Awfully convenient for the Gov killing thousands of people to justify it by calling them human shields. Don’t you think?

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DD - Unless you have already done it, could you please do a list of bullet points stating all of the main reasons you support Russia and then another list of bullet points stating all of the main reasons you do not support Ukraine?

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Starting off with a disgusting RAND corporation bullshitting CIA-loving, Poison Ivy League sourced group of exceptionalists is a bummer.

And, really, all sorts of arm chair crap, when in fact, you gotta break out of your prison anyway you can.

And, while the leeches were always there, no matter where the USA has bombed, proxied, what have, they are like flies on shit now with Hamas, Palestine and the Axios of Evil now perculating up from the bowels of Neo-Cons, Reagan, Nixon, Neo-Liberals, Israel First and ALway freaks.

Murder anyone that moves -- Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, Korea, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, hell, anywhere, these political fecal dwellers will get their fawning freak presstitutes giving them their 15 minutes in their toilet bowls to spew their sludge.

Even a Jew like Katie and a Jew like Aaron interview a Jew Levy and they make more sense than all the fucking academics and scum pond dwellers in the state department.



Award-winning Israeli journalist Gideon Levy is such a scathing critic of Israel’s policies and outspoken defender of Palestinian human rights that he’s only narrowly escaped physical attacks, even needing to have a bodyguard. But the Haaretz columnist and author wasn’t always like this.

He describes his former self as “a full member of the nationalistic religious orgy [of Israel]. We were all under the feeling that the whole project of Israel is in existential danger. We all felt that another Holocaust is around the corner.”

So when Israel won its 1967 war on Palestine, he didn’t think of killed Palestinians and Israel’s occupation: “We felt that victory in 1967 was like a messianic miracle, and we were so grateful for this. We didn’t ask any questions. We didn’t see any Palestinians.”

Levy was 14 at the time. And, as he realized years later, “totally brainwashed.”

He is now one of a very small number of prominent Israeli voices speaking out against Israel’s assault on Gaza and its brutal occupation. Joining Useful Idiots from Tel Aviv, Israel, he shares what he sees happening in his country.

“There are three things that let Israelis live in peace with the occupation,” he says. “The belief that they’re the chosen people. The belief that they’re victims. And the dehumanization of Palestinians.”

He discusses how Israeli media spreads these three beliefs, and how Netanyahu and his far-right government exploit them to bomb hospitals and humiliate Palestinians on a daily basis without pushback.

Levy sees the two state occupation as no longer possible. A one state of apartheid is the status quo and a one state with equal rights as the ideal, but an unlikely one for now: “I don’t see any hope from any direction. Israelis will not wake up one morning and say ‘oh this occupation, this apartheid, we don’t like it so much. Let’s put an end to it.’ This will never happen. It will only happen when Israel is punished for it. And this is not going to happen because the international community basically supports the occupation. The United States supports the occupation.”


Prof. Seyed Mohammad Marandi & Richard Medhurst LIVE


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I started off with the Rand quote deliberately as a prelude because war is fought on 2 fronts. The tactical and the strategic and while Israel is winning the tactical by a landslide, they are not easily winning (for the first time) the strategic war.

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Try out Alison McDowell, if you haven't already. Israel and their smash and grab and assassination pogrom is small potatoes, unfortunately.

Check out how messed up the social impact and cybernetics and AR-VR-MR-AI monsters are:


Hedge Funds, Swarm Mind, Token Economy, Twinning, Etc.



This world is really being "won" by these bastards! Wadi Valley, MIT, Silicon Valley, the lot of them, so Palestine, the bombing, the carpet mowing of the lawn, stress testing, the world will accept the removal of Palestinians. It's all just a big part of the larger war -- chips, hedge funds, investments, Vanguard, Blackrock, BlackStone, Big Tech . . . .


On the 27th of October, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt stood before a room full of Naval officers and bragged about a map, which he described as proof of Hitler’s expansionist plans for South America.

Just over a month before Pearl Harbor, FDR claimed that he had in his possession a secret document that vindicated his repeated warnings about the German threat to America’s sphere of influence and put the nail in the coffin of the isolationist camp in the US Congress.

Roosevelt’s secret map had been procured by agents of the British Security Coordination (BSC), a beachhead of UK intelligence based out of New York City, that purported to show how the Nazis intended to carve up South America among the Axis powers after the war.


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It becomes increasingly obvious that Israel's current high-speed genocide, added to the slo-mo genocide that has continued since their founding, is just one of the kinetic fronts (Ukraine being another), of the global Jewish-supremacists-against-humanity war.

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JON ELMER -- A great Canadian:

A Palestinian-American Lawyer & Jewish-American comedian break down the latest Palestine-related news with commentary & interviews every week.

This week Lara and Michael speak with Jon Elmer, Canadian writer and photojournalist specializing in the Middle East and Canadian foreign and military policy. He has lived in and reported extensively from the occupied Palestinian West Bank and Gaza - specifically based in occupied Jenin, Bethlehem, and Gaza City. He has covered the al-Aqsa intifada, the so-called Israeli "disengagement" of Gaza which was followed by the imposition of a siege on Gaza as well as factional strife in Gaza. His work appears in the Journal of Palestine Studies, Le Monde diplomatique, and The Progressive. He is also the co-host of an amazing podcast called “The Brief” with Nora Barrows Friedman, a dear friend of the Palestine Pod. In light of the recent 21st anniversary of the Second Intifada, Jon speaks to us about his time reporting on the Second Intifada while he was in Palestine. With first-hand accounts from occupied Jenin, to analysis on the tactics used by Palestinians to resist Israeli colonial violence as well as the impact of the Second Intifada on Palestinian life until today, Jon paints a complex, layered picture of life in occupied Palestine, the cost of resistance to daily life, and the bravery and heroism of Palestinians fighting for their freedom. Lara reminds us that Palestinians are in a rights-based struggle and Michael recalls that Jews of the Warsaw ghetto used similar tactics of resistance as Palestinians, calling anyone who supports the former but not the latter fundamentally inconsistent in their approach to the right to freedom.


Electronic Intifada:


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It is a Jewish Project to kill kill kill slowly: sepsis, gut disease, wet stools, fecal contaimination, skin diseases, hypothermia.

This is the Jewish Project in Jewish Israel Under the Banner of the Jewish State of Israel, so, call them Zionists, but call them Jewish, as they, the Bibi's and IDF, go to the Wailing Wall and Laugh Laugh Laugh in Hebrew that Gaza is dying -- death to the doctors, torturing to the nurses, killing the messenger.



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