I'm guessing the Israeli's know what happened and are actually ok with the scorched earth policy. The citizens believe that they can never make peace with Palestinians and so must never negotiate. It is us westerners who are being fed nonsense. We have always been told Israel behaves reasonably and cares for all people - jews and arabs alike. The idea that the Jewish leaders are colonial supremacists is only something that must be hidden from the west.

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Yes, the "Israeli" government hates most Jews anyway, which is why they put the "wrong" sort of Jews into ghettos and use them as cannon fodder for their wars. Zionism is nothing more than Ashkenazi fascism, dressed up with the trappings of an ancient religion.

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I assume that’s a rhetorical question?

Watch Glenn Greenwald’s report on the death of Henry Kissinger. Everything happening makes perfect sense.

Get ready for a genocide coming near you.

As Chris Hedges said, “Get the hell out of the cities.”

As Scott Ritter said, Your choice is a quick death from the initial blast or a slow death from radiation poisoning.”

As the Bible promised, there won’t be another flood.

No one’s coming to save us.

Get right with God. Pray, fast, help your neighbor. Jesus said it; I believe it. Save your immortal soul. Nothing else matters … nothing.

As Padre Pio said, “You may not believe in hell, but you will when you get there.”

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If Padre Pio said we might all take his word for it....

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